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TK-1 stripping complex is back in operation
TK-1 stripping complex is back in operation


On September 27, the stripping complex Pivden (South) at the Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant was put back into operation, after its work was suspended on September 20 for maintenance. The operation of the complex will help save money on stripping of new areas and increase their volume.
Chief of Mining and Transport Department (MTD) at the subsidiary Andriy Shulhan informed that within a week his department performed shortening of the conveyor of the KU-800 excavator. These works will allow to start stripping works on new ore layers of the South section.
Also, as the conveyor was shortened the tape was replaced with a new 2-meter wide one. To this end, the company ordered and provided the supply of the tape, having spent UAH 2.4 mn on it.
Moving of the mined bulk by a conveyor is a very important technical and economic process. When the conveyor stops, the ore is not supplied from the stripping complex, which is why the cheapest type of work on stripping becomes simply impossible. “In order not to involve outside organizations to the stripping and moving of the mined bulk, we must maintain the operation of our own stripping complex at the proper level. This makes it possible to significantly save funds on the stripping works,” comments Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC Oleksandr Hladushko.
Movement of the ore mass by contractor organizations – auto-stripping is much more expensive than the stripping by the company’s own stripping complex, he said. That is why restoration of its operation is extremely important for the economy of the enterprise, says Hladushko.
“So far, by the rates of stripping, South complex is somewhat behind Pivnich (North) complex and we are trying to bring their stripping indicators closer together,” says Shulhan.
According to the annual mining plan at the South section, 5.3 million cubic meters of rocks are planned to be stripped, respectively at the North section - 5.2 million cubic meters. Performance of the stripping plan is highly dependent on the timely supply of spare parts and materials, says Shulhan. Complex procedure for purchasing spare parts and materials for the stripping complexes, tender procurement and time-consuming production can significantly affect performance of the annual plan.
The mined bulk mined by TK-1 and TK-2 complexes this year is enough to fully load the processing production with work. According to Shulhan, in the beginning of December, the volume of ore required for full load of factory in 2017 will be stripped and stripping of the rock required for production in 2018 will begin.