"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | IMPP subsidiary gets a new crane truck

IMPP subsidiary gets a new crane truck
IMPP subsidiary gets a new crane truck


PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company continues to update fixed assets of its subsidiaries. This time, it acquired a new 25-ton crane truck priced at UAH 3.2 mn for the needs of the transport division of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant.
Irshank production needed this machinery, tells IMPP Director Viktor Sivchenko. “Acquisition of this crane will help us quickly settle issues, arising at the operating production, because the new equipment is more effective by all indicators than the one working at the plant now,” says Sivchenko.
The new crane is more powerful – the length of its beam is 28 m boom and elevation – 27 meters. The old crane, which was in use for 20 years, has the beam of 21 m and carrying capacity of 16 t.
Chief of the plant's transport division Vitaliy Andriychuk says the new crane will help improve coefficient of transport performance and speed up repair and other maintenance work, equipment of his division is involved in.
The new crane truck is already at the plant; at the moment, it is being registered. After that, it will be used in the production process of the subsidiary. “We are very happy with this acquisition, since the machinery, owned by the state enterprise, at the plant was last updated in 2003. All equipment purchased by the lessee in the period from 2004 until 2014 was taken away by the lessee after the lease ended. That is why the situation with updating the car pool was critical. Finally, the process has begun,” comments Sivchenko.
As of today, IMPP already received new machinery from PJSC UMCC for the total amount of close to UAH 5 mn, which is a rather significant investment. IN particular, the car pool of the subsidiary was updated with two Renault Duster vehicles, Citroen van fro the total amount of nearly UAH 1.5 mn.
Also, Irshansk plant expects from the company this year four heavy-duty dump trucks that will allow to abandon third-party transport services and save the costs, thus reducing the production costs. The subsidiary was forced to involve third-party transport in order to reach planned performance indicators, as its own car pool is technically and morally outdated and cannot perform production tasks effectively.
Also, IMPP is waiting the supply of four new vehicles for the needs of the administration and transportation of line personnel of the gas service, geologists from PJSC UMCC. The plant is preparing to develop new fields of deposits, so timely delivery of these specialists to the development site will save time and speed up geological exploration work.
“Investments into updating fixed assets and modernizing equipment of our subsidiaries is a priority for the company. Last year and this year, we spent over UAH 140 mn for these purposes. These investments allow the company to achieve reduction of production costs and make production more effective and competitive on the market,” comments Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC Oleksandr Hladushko.