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New electric forklift at VMMP
New electric forklift at VMMP


PJSC UMCC has acquired a new three-ton electric forklift worth over UAH 600,000 for its subsidiary Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant. Additional machinery will operate on the concentrate crushing site, where the output volumes will increase by 600-1,000 t per month.
United Mining and Chemical Company continues to upgrade the procession division of the VMMP.  A new electric forklift arrived to the concentrate crushing site on November 8. It will be used to load finished powder concentrates, primarily zircon concentrate.
“We need this forklift for more stable and confident operation,” comments Chief Engineer of the Processing Division of the plant Oleksiy Ryabinin. His division will be the one using the new equipment. The aforementioned forklift is the fourth one at the processing division. It will help implement the project for increasing output of powder concentrates.
“The price of the new forklift is UAH 631,130,” tells Ryabinin. “It will be used for the operation within the scheme of four mills. We predict an increase of output and, naturally, shipments by 600-1,000 t per month depending on the demand for different types of products.” Also, within this production project, the company plans to purchase other equipment, specifically a new CompAir compressor – the fourth one at the crushing site – and also one Donaldson cartridge filter. Acquisition of this equipment will help the company increase its output of powder concentrates.
The growth in the output of powder concentrates will lead to an increase in shipment volumes, so an additional forklift is a necessity that will allow for uninterrupted production of concentrates and, accordingly, their timely shipment.
After installation of a new filter and compressor, four mills will operate on the site. The market demand and customers will determine, which concentrates they will be crushing. Accordingly, the return of the investment period of the new equipment will depend on what kind of concentrates will be crushed on the site, as they have different prices.
At the moment, there are three electric forklifts and one diesel forklift operating on the site, with the latter moving products inside and outside the workshop. There is also one idle forklift. In case two or more forklifts break down, the reserve one will be put back into operation, thus preserving continuous operation of the production division.
“The crushing site of the processing division of VMMP has been the company’s object of investment since 2015. Investments into this unit are dictated by market demand for powder products on the part of end consumers on the global markets. That is why, in order to increase output of powder concentrates, UMCC upgrades not only production capacities of the plant, but also its equipment,” comments Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC Oleksandr Hladushko.
The aforementioned division already received UAH 4.3 mn in investment over the period of UMCC's operation, he said. These primarily include acquisition of Donaldson cartridge filters, aforementioned forklift, CompAir compressor and also expenses for the implementation of the project on installation of belt elevators. It is important that implementation of the project on increasing output at the crushing site will also create additional jobs.