"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | A new Renault Duster arrives at IMPP

A new Renault Duster arrives at IMPP
A new Renault Duster arrives at IMPP


The company purchased another vehicle for transportation worth nearly UAH 520,000 for its subsidiary, Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant.
On December 12, a new Renault Duster SUV arrived at IMPP. United Mining and Chemical Company purchased it as a part of the investment program for 2017. This is the third Renault vehicle to be added to the IMPP transport pool this year. Total investments into updating the transport pool of the plant already reached UAH 25 mn. The vehicle will be used to serve the needs of the subsidiary's administration.
“At the moment, the transport pool of IMPP is nearly fully equipped with all required transport,” comments IMPP Director Viktor Sivchenko. The renewal of the transport pool that began this year is nearly completed, he says. “As we can see, everything that was planned by the managing company as of the end of the year is fulfilled. The plant is almost fully equipped with transport required for quality operation,” said the director.
Next up is the second stage of the subsidiary's modernization – renewal of production assets. “We performed all tasks for renewal of transport at the Irshansk subsidiary in full so that it could efficiently fulfill production tasks. Now, the board of the company and specialists are developing a program for the renewal of production assets at IMPP. I believe that the company will take up a new project in the near future – construction of a new factory, as the subsidiary is lacking new capacities for ilmenite concentrate production,” tells Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC Oleksandr Hladushko.
As a reminder, in 2017, for the purposes of increasing output volumes at IMPP, four 21-t MAZ dump trucks, 25-t crane truck with 28-m beam, two PAZ buses to transport workers to their workplaces, three Renault Duster SUVs, Citroen minivan and two UAZ Farmer vehicles have been purchased.
Thus, for the first time after a decade-long lease, being in state ownership and managed by PJSC UMCC, Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant received such large-scale investment for renewal of its assets.