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New GAZel arrives at IMPP subsidiary
New GAZel arrives at IMPP subsidiary


PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company purchased and transferred to Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant 14th unit of equipment, specifically GAZ Рђ21R22-50 vehicle. The vehicle will perform the tasks of the department of material and technical provisions and chief mechanic.
On January 29, GAZ Рђ21R22-50 truck for production purposes, the fourteenth vehicle, arrived at the transport division of IMPP. Its total price amounted to UAH 495,000. The vehicle was purchased by PJSC UMCC within the program of modernization of the motor pool of the subsidiary in 2018.
GAZel is cargo and passenger vehicle and will perform delivery of required spare parts and materials to the specified subdivisions and also, in case of necessity, will deliver workers to their workplaces.
The subsidiary's director Viktor Sivchenko says that acquisition of every new unit of equipment or machinery for the subsidiary is a quite important event for the plant, as every new vehicle will perform a separate function and help fulfill important production tasks.
At the moment, the subsidiary’s motor pool, renewed thanks to the previous investments of the company, is capable of quickly and efficiently deliver cargos, transport employees to their workplaces with comfort and in proper conditions. This is the priority for the company.
“Motor pool of IMPP, a subsidiary of PJSC UMCC, is currently fully equipped to perform active production tasks. Replenishment of this subdivision with new vehicles will allow the company to fully begin implementation of the new project – construction of the factory for production of rough concentrates. In this way, timely investments into one subdivision will allow us to begin implementation of new projects,” tells Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC Oleksandr Gladushko.
The company already spent over UAH 25 million for the renewal of the subsidiary’s motor pool.
The transport subdivision of the subsidiary is happy to receive the new light vehicle. “We are thankful to the management of PJSC UMCC for such substantial investments into our subdivision and will welcome every next renewal of our motor pool. This will improve the spirit of our employees and motivate them to work even harder and be more productive,” comments Vitaliy Andriychuk, Chief of Transport Division at IMPP.