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Donaldson improved economic indicators of the powdering unit at VMMP
Donaldson improved economic indicators of the powdering unit at VMMP


The equipment increase the rate of powdered concentrate extraction to 99.5% and reduced costs for water and heating.
Donaldson cartridge filter was installed at the zircon and kyanite-sillimanite concentrates powdering unit last year and is already the third similar equipment that operates on this site. The new equipment has advantages that improve the economy of this unit. Donaldson filter provides comprehensive system for purifying the dust and gas mixture. Therefore, due to the introduction of equipment, fine-dispersed concentrate is additionally captured, which is fed to the finished concentrate. Thus, the increase in output volumes is up to 5% of the volume of the processed product. Earlier, the extraction rate of zircon and kyanite-sillimanite concentrates was about 95%, today this figure is close to 99.5%. This is a fairly significant improvement in the production indicator, but not the only economic result that was expected.
After the introduction of Donaldson filter into operation, the powdering unit stopped using technical water that was earlier used for purification. In addition to that, purified air, thanks to Donaldson nano-cartridges, is absolutely harmless for the environment.
Thus, the production performance of the division has improved thanks to production of additional volumes of products, as well as saving water and heat.
In addition, with the installation of new equipment, the old and large-sized equipment was withdrawn from operation, and at the same time the financial costs for repairing it were leveled.
Three Donaldson filters cost the company US $3 million, and the equipment has an excellent economy - its period of return of investment did not exceed 4-6 months in conditions of continuous operation. “We can say that the plan for modernization of the powdering unit has been fulfilled by 80%. This allows us to produce high-quality concentrates and in the amount sufficient to satisfy consumers’ demands, which essentially was why the investments into this project were made,” comments Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer at VMMP.
As the English-made equipment justified the expectations, the company is planning to purchase the fourth filter. It will be installed on a grinding mill for rutile concentrate.
This will provide a possibility to complete all stages of modernization of the powdering unit and bring the production to a new quality level. Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC confirmed the investment plans.
Acquisition of this type of equipment has led to improvement of economic performance of the production and creation of new jobs at the subsidiary.