"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | UMCC increases wages to some specialists at IMPP subsidiary

UMCC increases wages to some specialists at IMPP subsidiary
UMCC increases wages to some specialists at IMPP subsidiary


Payroll at the subsidiary in Irshansk will increase by nearly half a million hryvnia by the end of the year
The company continues to encourage and provide incentives for the most highly qualified specialists at its productions in Vilnohirsk and Irshansk.
This time, PJSC United Mining and Chemical company will give personal raises to tariff base rates for electric welders of manual welding and electric gas welders of the Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, who passed a special certification (passportization) and have a serial number of personal stamps. It allows them to perform relevant work on sites controlled by State Labor Department.
The company's board decided to start paying raised salaries to this category of specialists in March 2018. Personal raise for these workers will be 20% of the tariff rate or salary. Accordingly, the final salary of these electric welders will grow by an average of UAH 702-1,169, depending on the hourly tariff scale of the specialist, the complexity of the work that he performs and his workload.
Seventeen electric welders will receive a salary raise. As a result of raises to these employees, the payroll of the subsidiary will increase by almost UAH 17,000 per month. In the event that the specialist does not confirm his professionalism and will not pass the re-certification, the incentives will be withdrawn. This is necessary in order to stimulate electric welders to maintain a proper professional level, explains Viktor Sivchenko, PJSC UMCC board member and director of IMPP subsidiary. Together with the labor and salary department of the branch, he initiated salary raises to his employees.
Additionally, PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company will stimulate the workers of the energy department of the Irshansk subsidiary, which service the main production. This applies to professions that currently experience lack of qualified employees – electricians, electric gas welders and fitters working with gas and electrical equipment. Hourly tariff scale for these specialists has been revised starting from March 1 of this year. Motivating measures to these specialists will increase the payroll at the plant by more than UAH 30,000 per month, informed Viktor Sivchenko.
Overall, starting from March 2018, 50 specialists at the Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant will receive increased salaries. Thanks to financial motivation, the subsidiary’s payroll will increase by the end of the year by approximately UAH 470,000.
“The company is conducting a consistent policy of motivating those specialists the production heavily relies on. The decision on raises to Irshansk employees approved by the board is a clear proof of that. We must retain specialists, who are vital for quality performance of production tasks,” Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC, says, commenting the decision on increasing Irshansk plant’s payroll.
The company has been introducing motivating measures at its other subsidiary – VMMP – as well. Since last year, bonus for labor intensity has been introduced there. 140 employees of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant received additional incentives in September 2017 – February 2018. As a result of that, the subsidiary’s payroll increased by nearly UAH 1 million.