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Vilnohirsk kickboxers to participate in the World and European championships
Vilnohirsk kickboxers to participate in the World and European championships


Kickboxers from Vilnohirsk won gold medals at the WPKA and ISKA Championships of Ukraine, which took place in Kharkiv. PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company sponsored the athletes.
The last qualifying stage for the world competitions – ISKA Kickboxing Championship of Ukraine took place from March 29 until April 1, 2018, at the track and field arena of MC 'KhTZ' Sports School for Children and Youth of Kharkiv Oblast Council. 760 athletes of different ages competed in the even, five of them representing the team from Vilnohirsk.
Despite stiff competition, our athletes managed to achieve positive results at this event and win 3 gold, 2 silver and 8 bronze medals in different sections, age and weight categories. The achieved results were for young athletes an 'entry ticket' to the ISKA AMA World & European Championship 2018 that will be held in Kyiv from May 1 until May 6, 2018. Based on the qualification, Ukraine will be represented at the event by two athletes from Vilnohirsk – Valeriya Khudyakova and Maksym Kobyakov.
United Mining and Chemical Company sponsored participation of the young athletes – Valeriya Khudyakova, Yaroslav Serheyev, Yakov Khoprov, Nazar Yevtushenko and Denys Tolkachev – in five sections of the existing 9: Light - Contact, K-1 Light Kick, Full - Contact, Kickboxing with Low-Kick, K-1 at the Kharkiv event.
These are not the first or the last victories of our little kickboxers in this difficult sport. Every year, ISKA Championship qualifications are held in Ukraine, preceded by local and oblast competitions. Based on the results, Ukraine's team that competes at the World and European Championship is formed and from now on Vilnohirsk is also represented in it.
As a reminder, WPKA Championship of Ukraine was held in Kyiv from February 22 until February 25, 2018, where our team of kickboxers won 6 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals.
The award ceremony of Vilnohirsk kickboxers took place on April 2 at the operational meeting in the assembly hall of the office of VMMP, a subsidiary of PJSC UMCC. Andriy Storchak, director of the subsidiary, personally awarded diplomas, badges of the federation and medals to the winners, congratulated the young athletes and wished them further successes and victories. Denys Tolkachev was also awarded a certificate and a document certifying the receipt of the title "Candidate for Master of Sports in Cossack Combat" following his victory at the World Cossack Combat Championship last year.
Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC, also congratulated Vilnohirsk kickboxers. “We are proud of the victories of our little champions and the fact that they achieved such high results. To support children’s sports is twice as pleasant. After all, children are our future, the future of the country and the city like Vilnohirsk. Who knows, perhaps we are raising future world champions who will affirm the authority of our country and glorify our nation in the world sports arena. And we are happy about that,” he said.
“To become a champion you need to train for four years,” - this goal is set by a young athlete Yaroslav Sergeyev.
“When we come to the competitions, everything is so atmospheric,” shares his impressions kickboxer Yakiv Khoprov. “The fights are tough; the strongest fighters of Ukraine come to the competitions. It’s nice to realize that I’ve been to competitions at such a high level and beat very serious fighters, and lost to them with dignity,” says the athlete.
The president of the Ukrainian Kickboxing Federation ISKA Oleh Mandzyuk noted that the Ukrainian kickboxers have been competing on the international arena for the last seven years, and while in 2016 Ukraine was ranked 5th in the world, in 2017 – 31 gold medals raised our national team to the second position. He expects that this year our team will perform well at the World Championship.
“At this championship, we are competing in a serious section K-1 without any restriction of strength for the first time,” says the coach of the Vilnohirsk kickboxers Mykola Beletskiy. “It's very difficult, the competition is stiff, and the fighters participating in this Championship are the best of the best from all over Ukraine: candidates for master of sports, masters of sports of international category, honored masters of sports – all merited and recognized fighters.”   
Therefore, we wish our athletes self-confidence, not to lose their dignity and learn the necessary lessons from fights with such strong rivals. We keep our fingers crossed for you! The company will accompany Vilnohirsk athletes to their next achievements in the world and Europe as the main sponsor.
Background info
Kickboxing is one of the youngest types of combat sports, which originated in the US in the early 1970s. In Ukraine, it appeared much later. Established in 1986, the International Association of Karate Sports (since 2014 - International Sports Kickboxing Association (ISKA), began functioning in our country in 1989, and already in 1990, the first Ukrainian Championship was held in Uzhgorod. Kickboxing began to develop actively, and such outstanding Ukrainian athletes as Vitaly Klitschko, Viktor Doroshenko and Oleksiy Nechaev, who are now world legends of kickboxing, appeared on the international arena quite quickly.


 Кікбоксинг – один із наймолодших видів спортивного єдиноборства, який зародився у США на початку 70-х років минулого століття. В Україні він з’явився набагато пізніше. Створена у 1986 році Інтернаціональна асоціація карате спорту (з 2014 – Інтернаціональна Спортивна Кікбоксерська Асоціація «ІСКА»), почала функціонувати в нашій країні з 1989 року, а вже у 1990 – в Ужгороді, було проведено перший Чемпіонат України. Кікбоксинг почав активно розвиватися, і вже скоро на міжнародній арені з’явилися такі видатні українські спортсмени, як Віталій Кличко, Віктор Дорошенко та Олексій Нечаєв, які сьогодні є світовими легендами кікбоксингу.