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Prodekologia separator showed its effectiveness
Prodekologia separator showed its effectiveness


The equipment increase product output in the course of tailing processing and provided for a more reliable scheme of zircon processing
Preliminary results of the operation of the new Prodekologia separator, installed at the Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company, in December last year, have been received. The equipment was integrated into the scheme for zircon concentrate processing at the final separation site of the processing division (PD) using own resources and at own expense of VMMP. Investments into the equipment amounted to US $70,000. And though it is expected that the investment will return in the autumn of this year, specialists of the plant already point to their expediency.
Over the past few weeks, the separator has been tested in three different operating modes. To determine the most effective of them, research and analysis of the quality and quantity of concentrate obtained from tailings were performed. “Three refining regimes were tested. The first one is the regime of re-refining of magnetic separation of zircon. The second is re-processing of the industrial product of magnetic separation the zircon. And the third one is the so-called mixed regime, when both operations are performed simultaneously in one approach,” says Oleksiy Ryabinin, Chief Engineer of the Processing Division at VMMP. “The first one turned out to be the most effective,” he says.
Prodekologia separator will additionally extract 75 t of zircon per year from tailings, which earlier were simply not used. This will provide approximately UAH 2 mn of additional annual revenue, says Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMC, which he believes shows that the investments will be justified.
Pavlo Fedyushyn, Chief of the Processing Division at VMMP, believes that the term of return of investment for the acquired equipment, taking into account the costs for its installation, spare parts and energy resources that the plant will consume, is about 10.5 months. “After this term, the separator will deliver net profit,” he assures.