"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | Irshansk Health and Recreation Center receives highest rating from Healthcare Ministry

Irshansk Health and Recreation Center receives highest rating from Healthcare Ministry
Irshansk Health and Recreation Center receives highest rating from Healthcare Ministry


This rating confirmed the status of a high-level health center, which will help attract more customers
Irshansk Health and Recreation Center passed the official accreditation procedure at the end of March, and in June, its team expects a certificate, which will be the official confirmation its high level.
“We are very happy that the Healthcare Ministry has recognized the hard work and efforts of our strong team in providing quality services for our customers,” commented Oleksandr Prymasyuk, Chief Doctor of the IMPP health and recreation center.
He is hoping that confirmation of the high level of the institution will attract more tourists. After all, the health and recreation center received the highest ranking at 95.9%. “The highest level of ranking ranges within 90 – 100%, the first level – from 80 to 90%, the second level – from 70 to 80%. And this is not surprising, because for more than 30 years the center has been known on the territory of the Zhytomyr Oblast as a cozy wellness complex that can significantly improve the health of its visitors, boost their energy and improve their well-being.
The health and recreation center was evaluated according to 18 criteria, starting from the general management of the institution, management of structural divisions, organization of the work of medical information and analytical services, and ending with logistic support and provision of services: hydrotherapy, mud therapy, heat therapy, climatotherapy, psychotherapy, physical therapy.
The state accreditation confirmed that the institution has all the conditions for quality and timely provision of medical and health services. Here, typical standards in the field of health care and compliance of medical personnel with uniform qualification requirements are adhered to. “At our center, the visitors, primarily the employees of the company, can undergo complex and full treatment, medical rehabilitation or disease prevention in accordance with modern requirements and methods of complex therapy of recovery treatment,” says Prymasyuk.
Accreditation of a healthcare institution is an important stage in its operation. It confirms the quality of the provision of medical and health services, professionalism of the staff. There are 70 specialists, 4 of which are part-time employees, working at the health and recreation center.
“We are proud that our health and recreation center was recognized at the high level. It is another step up in achievements of our large labor family. It means that the investments into recreation are returned with high labor achievements of the personnel of the institution financed by the company,” believes Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC.
The health and recreation center is located near Irshansk in the forest area. It is convenient for the employees of the branch, because it gives them an opportunity to improve their health while on the job.
Last year, PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company spent almost UAH 5 million on improvement of health of its own employees. In 2017, 1,254 people improved their health at Irshansk Health and Recreation Center, including 754 employees of IMPP (the company spent almost UAH 4.5 million on their health improvement), and 36 employees of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant (UAH 226,000).
Veterans of the plant and children of the company's employees have a possibility to improve their health at privileged condition. Any person can buy a package to the health center. Last year, 464 people from other regions and cities visited the center.
The geography of the visitors of the health center in different years speaks for itself: Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Vilnohirsk, Berdyansk, St. Petersburg, Korosten, Vinnytsya, Khoroshiv, Zaporizhzhya Oblast. Numerous positive reviews by the visitors confirm the high level of professionalism and quality of the service provided by the center.
Volodymyr, Irshansk, September 27, 2011 “I’ve been to many health and recreation centers and I am happy that ours can offer sufficient level of professionalism. Going there in September, October is a blast: the mushrooms grow right on its territory.”
Olha Mykolaivna, Zhytomyr, October 26, 2012 “I’ll say ‘thank you’ a thousand of times to all employees of the health center. The atmosphere there is filled with two things that medical institutions lack right now: attention and care about the patient. Plus, courtesy, goodwill and great professionalism. Absolutely all employees are concerned about the reputation of the sanatorium, which contributes to their conscientious work.”
Olga, St. Petersburg, August 4, 2013 “The health and recreation center is great and the people are amazing. This is the second year that I come here. I wish everybody strong health!”
Serhiy, Vilnohirsk, April 14, 2014 “The place is good. The rooms are clean. Great food even on the weekends. The treatment is real.”
Oleksandr, Zaporizhzhya Oblast, November 8, 2016 “I was impressed with most with the organization and discipline of the staff. The doctor listened to all my wishes, before prescribing a treatment. Nurses are true professionals. After a few treatment procedures, I felt much better. All procedures were carried out according to the schedule, so I didn’t have to wait in line. The food in the dining room is delicious, healthy and nutritious. And the air in the forest is curative and clean.”
Nataliia, Mykolaiv, Kyiv, December 1, 2017 “The health and recreation center is great; everything is very good; the swimming pool is super; I recommend it to all who want to rest and improve their health. It is cozy here and very convenient. Small rooms designed only for two provide an opportunity to have your own space and feel the freedom of actions.”