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Australians to analyze Irshansk titanium
Australians to analyze Irshansk titanium


The composition of the Irshansk rocks in new fields will allow the company to develop a technology for their processing at a new factory, which will be built at IMPP, a subsidiary of PJSC UMCC
On May 16, an Australian delegation headed by Gavin Diener, Director of Allied Mineral Laboratories and Chief Operating Officer of TZMI, visited the head office of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company and discussed further partnership with the company’s top management.
PJSC UMCC and Australian consulting company Allied Mineral Laboratories (AML, a subdivision of TZMI) decided to work together after the experts from the western Australia visited the open pit mines of the Irshansk subsidiary last week and after the first shipment of samples was delivered to the AML laboratory.
The company came to the conclusion that it was necessary to send larger volumes of samples to the AML laboratory – 3.5 tons of titanium sands from new areas, which Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant is planning to develop. “Let’s not jump ahead, but there is a possibility that the Irshansk subsidiary will be able to produce not only ilmenite concentrate, but also other components whose significant content has already been found in the core of the ore core,” says Andriy Ivanchenko, Deputy Chief Engineer at IMPP. According to him, the shipment of Irshansk ore will be sent to the Australian city of Perth for analysis in early June.
New fields of deposits for development mean life for the plant and the residents of this picturesque village, believes Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC. “By the end of the year, Irshansk subsidiary will have only three open pit mines left in operation out of nine and their term of use is also running out quickly. So, we are doing everything possible to extend the operation of the plant and provide the future to the Irshansk residents, who work at the plant,” says Gladushko.
“The construction of the factory and the beginning of development of new deposits provides the future not only for the village and the company, but also the Ukrainian titanium in general, the head of the company emphasizes. “And we wish that the government of our country and local authorities grant the license for the development of the new fields as soon as possible,” says Gladushko.
As a reminder, in August last year, IMPP received a license for development of the project for the development of new 154 hectares of land on the territory of Korosten and Khoroshiv counties. At the moment, the documents are being drafted to be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The corresponding equipment for the development of the new fields that was acquired by PJSC UMCC has already been delivered to the plant, specifically Shantui bulldozer and Belarus tractor.