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A new Japanese spectrometer at IMPP
A new Japanese spectrometer at IMPP


The equipment will help speed up analysis of the products and their delivery
Instant analysis of products is something employees of the lab and sales department of Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company, could only dream about until today. PJSC UMCC realized this dream – the Japanese X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Rigaku NEX CG will soon be acquired for the plant. The company has already made the pre-payment for the equipment. Its full price is UAH 2.7 million.
“It is a rather important piece of eqiupment for our plant. We have been waiting for it for a long time. With its help our laboratory will be able to analyze the composition of products to be delivered to our customers in a matter of minutes. It substantially saves time, reagents and employee’s work. This equipment has some of the best reviews on quality indicators in the market of similar products. We hope that this spectrometer will quickly return the investment on it,” says Tetiana Zabrodska, Head of Central Plant’s Laboratory at IMPP.
Compared to a similar spectrometer Quantex, which was previously used at VMMP, Rigaku fully meets the price/quality criteria, is more economical, reliable and more convenient to use, says Ihor Mazniy, Head of Central Plant’s Laboratory at VMMP describing the Japanese spectrometer. His laboratory is currently using Japanese equipment at full strength. Based on positive reviews, the management of the company decided to buy this equipment also for the subsidiary in Irshansk.
The most important advantage of the spectrometer is the rapid analysis of products, which is performed within 5-6 minutes instead of 4-6 hours or even days, as is currently the case with the outdated equipment at the plant.
Rigaku allows to determine a wide range of components in finished products and products of enrichment of the current production within a short period of time. This means that from now on, the company will be able to analyze whether the product meets the requirements of the customer much faster.
“Conditions of stiff competition in the market are forcing us to speed up business processes, specifically delivery of the products to the customers. New equipment is a breakthrough in the product analysts at the Irshansk subsidiary. Together with Rigaku, the subsidiary will receive innovative Japanese technology of spectral analysis of products,” says Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC. The new spectrometer will help quickly analyze composition of the products and reduce the delivery time.
Background info
Japanese corporation Rigaku is the global leader in n the fields of general X-ray diffraction (XRD), thin film analysis (XRF, XRD and XRR), X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (TXRF, EDXRF and WDXRF), small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), protein and small molecule X-ray crystallography, Raman spectroscopy, X-ray optics, semiconductor metrology (TXRF, XRF, XRD and XRR), X-ray sources, computed tomography, nondestructive testing and thermal analysis. It has been on the market since 1951.