"United Mining and Chemical Company" | News | PJSC UMCC invested close to UAH 200 million into special vehicles

PJSC UMCC invested close to UAH 200 million into special vehicles
PJSC UMCC invested close to UAH 200 million into special vehicles


In 2017-2018, the company spent UAH 195.9 million on purchasing special-purpose and other vehicles. The subsidiaries have stocked their transport pools by 90%
The past and the current years have become fruitful for the company in terms of updating the transport pools of Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant and Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, subsidiaries of PJSC United Mining and Chemical Plant. Overall, 47 vehicles were purchased, including 24 special-purpose vehicles and 17 – cargo and passenger vehicles. This increased the percentage of provision of production to 90%, as the branches calculated.
As a reminder, at the moment, when the lease of IMPP and VMMP ended, their transport pools were in a very sad condition. The old vehicles had to be repaired, while the new ones that were purchased by the lessee, were taken by the lessee. “We remember the year 2014, the end of lease of our plants. One of the key issues the managing company faced was serious shortage of special-purpose vehicles for open-pit mine work. It prevented the producing plants from making a breakthrough in stripping and mining work on their own. We had to greatly rely on contractors,” recollects Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC.
He says it negatively affected the economy of the company. That is why, as soon as PJSC UMCC achieved positive financial dynamics, the company's management made a decision to create own transport pool from new vehicles, from scratch, so to say. “Today, we can see the positive result of this decision. It is reflected in increasing rates of stripping and mining works with our own vehicles at VMMP. Moreover, reduction of costs on contracted work substantially reduced the cost value of production in 2018,” says Gladushko.
The biggest renewal of the transport pool took place at VMMP. 21 units of special vehicles were purchased: BelAZ and BELL dump trucks, a mobile crane, a tractor and various loaders. To day, IMPP received three new special-purpose vehicles – a mobile crane, a Shantui bulldozer and a tractor. The plant also had its cargo-passenger fleet updated. Inequality in the number of purchased special-purpose vehicles at the branches is explained only by the complexity and scale of production.
“We are happy to state that at the current production load of our subsidiaries, completeness of the transport pools with vehicles for open-pit mining works increased to 90%. We expect to see the results by the end of the year. We are hoping that we will see improved production and economic indicators,” says Gladushko.