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Open-pit mine No. 8 back into operation after repair
Open-pit mine No. 8 back into operation after repair


In the beginning of June, a powerful production complex of the open pit mine No. 8 at Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant, a subsidiary of PJSC UMCC, was put back into operation. Its capacity will be used to develop new sites.
Stopped on May 21 for repair and transfer works, the mining complex of the open pit mine No. 8 was put back into operation on June 1 at 2:00 pm in accordance with the approved schedule of major repairs, informed Andriy Ivanchenko, Deputy Chief Engineer at IMPP. “During any repair, it is important that it is completed in time, especially if the facility that is being repaired is so powerful and significantly affects the economic performance of the plant,” he said.
The open pit mine No. 8 accounts for nearly half of the subsidiary's output, which makes it very important for the company. This year, the company expects that the output of the mining complex will be around 100,000 t of raw ilmenite concentrate.
At the moment, the mining complex operates on old sites within the mining allotment, which was previously developed. After the repair, the extraction of ore sands takes place at the site in Khoroshivskiy County due to the fact that it exhausted ore deposits at the site in Korosten.
Development of the new site is a necessary step that will improve the economy of the company, because the cost of extracted titanium ore will be lower. All work on relocation of raw materials extraction capacities was carried out by the repair teams of the open pit mine No.8, by the workers of Construction and Assembly and Repair and Construction Unit.
Along with relocation of the mining complex, the repair of the factory of the open pit mine No. 8 was carried out. Specifically, the deck support, screw separators CB-1500 (5 pcs.), jet sump, hydrocyclones were replaced, a pipeline from steel pipes with a diameter of 530 mm was installed and the high and low pressure pipes were replaced with polyethylene pipes. The cost of the repairs reached UAH 1.3 million, although the planned costs were at UAH 1 million. Polyethylene pipes, which were installed during the repairs, were the most expensive component of costs – at almost UAH 800,000.
Thanks to professionalism of the employees and joint efforts of the repair and provision units, the repair of the mining complex of the open pit mine No. 8 was completed on time and it was put back into operation, says Viktor Sivchenko, Director of IMPP.
“It is vital to keep the production complex of the open pit mine No. 8 in working condition, as its capacities will be used in the development of new sites, which, we hope the company will receive soon,” comments Oleksandr Gladushko, Acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC UMCC.
As a reminder, IMPP is now preparing documentation for the development of 154 ha on the territory of Turchynetske and Shershnevske forest districts. It needs to be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, and once it is approved development of these sites can start. They border with the areas of the open pit mine No. 8. That is why involving the complex in developing these sites in the future is an economically justified step.