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UMCC will raise its own production managers
UMCC will raise its own production managers


Vilnohirsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant has launched a new educational project. PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company will provide scholarships to the young employees its Vilnohirsk subsidiary to the National Technical University “Dnipro Polytechnic”, so that a new generation of managers in the mining business emerges at the plant
The management of PJSC UMCC and VMMP decided to implement a new project for the young employees titled The Future of the Plant. The mission of the project is providing scholarships to the young employees to study at a higher learning institution with the objective to improve the situation with highly qualified staff at VMMP.
“The objective of this project is to raise the middle level of managerial staff who can manage the sections and small units, and in the long run – by accumulating experience, to climb up the career ladders and manage large-scale, large production units,” says Deputy Chief Engineer of the subsidiary Oleksiy Ryabinin, who came up with the idea for this project.
He said that applications were collected from the employees of the subdivisions of the plant, who wanted to participate in the selection of the candidates for receiving higher education. The second stage was selection of the applications based on specific criteria, which included the age of the applicant and also how long he/she works at the plant and what kind of experience he/she has. Another important condition for applicants was previous education – vocational school or specialized learning institution.
The last stage of the selection was an interview of each applicant with a special commission, which consisted of management of PJSC UMCC and VMMP.
Of the total number of applicants, 13 best young employees were chosen. They will have an opportunity to receive a higher education and a prospect of career growth at the VMMP.
The National Technical University “Dnipro Polytechnic” was chosen because it is a specialized higher learning institution, which carries out many works on introduction of innovations at VMMP. It is also conveniently located, as Dnipro is not situated far and it will be convenient for the students to study not far away from home.
After the participants of the project were chosen, the administration of the company, in agreement with Dnipro Polytechnic, organized a visit of representatives of the admissions committee of the learning institution in early July to the department of staff development of the subsidiary so that the employees who received the scholarships could fill out their admission documents. “Now, admission of students is done based on the external independent testing (EIT), but for your category of entrants an exception has been made, you can be admitted based on the results of our internal exam,” said Anton Kozhevnykov, Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee. He announced that the exam will take place on July 27, provided future students with all the necessary information and wished him to successfully pass it.
Pavlo Balyasin, one of the young employees, who was selected for this project, expressed his gratitude to the company for the opportunity to study and care about the young employees of the plant. “I want to go to a higher learning institution to improve my qualification, and, of course, I am hoping for career growth in the future,” says Pavlo.
Vitaliy Sichoviy, another participant of the project, did not conceal his satisfaction with being included in the project. “Now, I only have to pass the exam and the study will begin and it is always good to study,” says Vitaliy. “I am going to study, hoping to improve my qualification and become a master in my unit.”
We wish every participant of this new project at our company to successfully pass the exam and inspiration and persistence in their studies.